12 Top Paid iPhone Apps Gone Free For Limited Time

iPhone Apps

Need more apps for your favorite device? We can help! Here are 12 iOS apps that just went free.

Today’s list includes Data Cube and many others.

Data Cube : The 3D Minesweeper
Daniel Lasry

Sharpen your spacial awareness and logic skills with this immersive puzzle-solving challenge!

Use your powers of deduction and good sense of 3D space to isolate all the corrupt blocks in the Data Cube.

To win, you must pop open all the clean blocks and flag all the corrupt ones. If you pop a corrupt block, you lose. For each safe block that you pop, you will be given a number. This number tells you how many corrupt blocks are next to it. Use this information wisely!


– Simple minesweeper-style solving strategy
– Oldschool electronic look
– Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard
– Game Center support


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