15 Foods that Burn More Calories than They Contain : Weight Loss

Weight Loss

13. Greek Yogurt

A cup of fat-free Green Yogurt is rich in protein and other healthy nutrients. All these nutrients reduce weight and increase the overall strength of muscles. High protein content in Greek yogurt supports individuals who expect a natural method for reducing their unhealthy weight in recent times. High calcium content in this yogurt strengthens bones and maximizes your energy level. Many people consume this yogurt after their work out and get the absolute benefits from the best nutrients. They recommend Greek Yogurt for their kith and kin who seek how they have reduced their weight easily.

Total calories per 100g serving: 57.

14. Apple

Apple is considered as the king of fruits and it is one among the most preferred fruits for the people who are conscious about health and fitness. Actually apple includes rich amount of phyto-nutrients which are very essential for an optimal health. It also has many antioxidants and they are very having the disease prevention and health promoting properties. Since the fruit has rich amount of fiber, it will be very effective in preventing the absorption of bad cholesterol or dietary LDL in gut. Another important highlight about apple is it has low calories and it does not have cholesterol or saturated fat.

15. Carrot

Carrot is one among the favorite vegetables for most of the people. Those who are taking carrot in their diet can get many health benefits. Carrot has rich amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B8, Manganese, Copper, Iron and Potassium. According to many studies, carrot has the ability to prevent cancer. Since it produces a natural pesticide called Falcarinol, it will reduce the chances of breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer. Since it has beta-carotene in the high level, it can prevent the aging effects and promotes the health of the skin. 100gm of carrot has only 44 calories therefore it will be a perfect item for those who are following diet for weight loss.

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