20 Foods That Can Boost Your Testosterone Levels


3. Olive Oil

Everyone loves using some type of oil for either cooking or seasoning their salads. And if you are going to go for the healthiest type of oil, you should almost always be choosing virgin olive oil. Not only is it the healthiest cooking oil to use, it can also give you a real boost in testosterone levels.

According to research that was done on olive oil, it helps your leydig cells to absorb more cholesterol than usual. And when the cholesterol is absorbed by the cells, it is created into testosterone.

Olive oil is recommended for people who have weight problems, and especially for those who have heart problems that result from being overweight. It can naturally increase your blood flow and help with a variety of healthy problems. And when you are looking for the right cooking oil to increase testosterone, it’s definitely one of the best choices.

4. Coconut Oil

There might be one oil out there that is even better than olive oil when it comes to naturally increasing testosterone levels, and that one is coconut oil. Even though it might increase testosterone levels just like olive oil and it’s an oil as well, the two increase testosterone in two completely different ways.

Studies have shown that coconut oil increases testosterone levels even more than olive oil does, but the way in which it does so is completely different. According to these studies, coconut oil boosts testosterone because it contains a lot of saturated fat. The fact that coconut oil contains a high level of both saturated and complex fats really does a lot of good things for the body, and one of these things is the boost that it provides in testosterone.

The best thing that you can do is use a combination of olive and coconut oil in your cooking if you really want to see the most when it comes to positive hormonal effects that comes with cooking with them.

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