20 Foods That Can Boost Your Testosterone Levels


5. Watermelon

If you are looking for a perfect snack after a great workout, the watermelon is a perfect option. It’s perfect for rehydrating, especially after a workout in the hot summer weather. It’s also a great way to increase your testosterone levels as well. The watermelon contains a compound that is called citrulline. This compound has been shown in studies to increase blood flow, and many people say that it is a great solution for men who are experiencing erection problems.

Of course, erections increase testosterone levels as well. The name of the game is good blood flow. When your blood is flowing, your body is getting all of the good nutrients that it needs delivered in time to the androgen receptors, which in turn increases testosterone production. Eating watermelons before or after a workout can really improve your performance in the gym and keep you hydrated without ever weighing you down.

6. Spinach

Ever since you were, you always knew that spinach was one of the manliest foods that you could eat. You might have liked it when you were a kid, but you must have seen episodes of Popeye the Sailor Man and known that spinach was really good for you.

That cartoon definitely does not lie; spinach is really good for you. It’s also fantastic for boosting the overall testosterone levels in your body. Not only does spinach contain some of the most key minerals and vitamins that your body needs to produce testosterone, it also contains all of the most necessary ingredients for decreasing the production of estrogen as well.

Spinach is full of magnesium and it contains incredibly high levels of vitamin E and C as well. So if you are looking for the right greens to include as a testosterone building side dish to your main course, spinach is always a good choice.

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