25 Best Foods to Eat for Faster Weight Loss

There are some foods out there which are obviously devastating to a weight loss plan, but others, you’ll be happy to know, can help you burn fat fast.

Like the bionic woman running a marathon, fast. The foods listed below are supported by solid scientific evidence for promoting weight loss and helping you to stay full.

That means you won’t eat more calories each day than you need to lose weight.

This one-two combo results in fat burning, lean muscle building, and a healthy, regulated appetite.

1. Beans and Legumes

Otherwise known as “pulses,” beans and legumes are key to losing weight.

When we eat beans, we stay full longer, mostly due to their high fiber content. This means we are less likely to indulge in processed snacks, according to research conducted in Australia.

The same scientific results were found at a hospital in Canada, too.

By adding a single serving of beans to your diet once a week, and doing nothing else, you can expect to lose an extra three quarters of a pound in just over a month.

2. Coconut Oil

Ditch all other cooking oils, and use coconut oil.

Coconut oil contains a unique combination of healthy fatty acids which cannot be rivaled by many other cooking oils.

Medium chain fatty acids contained in coconuts are metabolized by the body differently than other fatty acids. They are sent straight to the liver, where they can be utilized for energy or turned into keytones that the body excretes in the urine.

There is scientific evidence suggesting that medium chain fatty acids are not stored as fat as easily in the body, too.

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