30 Common Foods to Avoid if You Want to Lose Weight

Weight Loss

3. Low calorie snacks

Although you may think you’re doing your body good by choosing low calories snacks over their full fat counterparts, you’re probably severely limiting if not totally stalling your weight loss efforts by doing so. Most low calorie snacks that you buy are too small to satisfy your appetite, so you’re better off eating “real” food if you’re truly hungry.

4. Diet Soda

The artificial sweeteners in diet soda have been shown through research to actually cause weight gain as opposed to weight loss. Whether it is that drinking them increases appetite or just makes the consumer think that they can eat more since they chose diet soda over regular is still undetermined. Whatever the reason, avoid them completely and you’ll likely drop some pounds (along with some bloat).

5. Certain breakfast cereals

Although a lot of breakfast cereals are lower in fat, a majority of them contain a lot of sugar. Sugar provokes cravings and opens your body up to a whole host of health issues, making it difficult to lose weight when you don’t feel good. Choose all natural or organic cereals that have a lot of protein and fiber in them instead.

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