7 Awesome Apps for your iPhone You Must Try !


2) Fyde: Security for Life


Fyde is the free app that secures the device-driven modern life. Whether you’re banking, shopping, sharing photos, working or dating, Fyde protects your personal information from prying eyes and greedy thieves. Don’t know phishing from fishing? You don’t have to. We’re the experts. Fyde blocks phishing, smishing, and other account takeover attacks before they steal your info. Download Fyde and get security for life, wherever you live it.

We do it all without compromising your privacy (or draining your battery). We don’t collect or store any of your personal information.


Free, Unlimited Security
• No charge for core functionality, now or ever

Identity Protection
• Prevent phishing sites from stealing your identity.
• Block deceptive SMS messages that attempt to take over your iCloud, banking or social media accounts.

Ad Free Experience
• Eliminates vast majority of popups, banners and video ads.
• Provides complete coverage. Works on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
• Protects your privacy. All of your connections stay direct, fast and secure. Ads are blocked on your device. No traffic is sent to remote servers.
• Gives you control. See what you want to see without interruption.
• Get the most out of your battery. No more getting slowed down by unsolicited ads.

100% Privacy Protection
• We don’t collect, store or sell your personal information
• No identifying information is seen by Fyde staff or anyone

Continuous Protection
• Turn on Fyde and go
• Fyde protects 24/7 and automatically updates to block new attacks

Automated Notifications
• Find out which threats Fyde blocked
• Get real-time alerts about rogue wifi, fake websites, and more

Battery Life Preservation
• You don’t have to choose security or battery
• Fyde protects without draining your battery like VPNs can

Crowd-sourced Intelligence
• Global attack data from millions of Fyde users. Always anonymous.
• Community input powers continuous improvement of Fyde

Backed by Security Experts
• Fyde was created by an award-winning security research team
• Patent-pending network inspection and AI technology


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