8 Popular Exercises That Can Be Dangerous for You and How to Replace Them

2. Tricep dips with hands behind you on the bench vs Tricep extensions

Stop doing. Although dips are effective exercises for your triceps, it’s a good idea to stay away from them. Because they force your shoulders to do extreme internal rotation and put too much pressure on your joints. It gets even worse if you do it on a chair or a high bench, as is usually recommended for beginners.

Start doing. Tricep extensions are a very effective isolated exercise targeting the triceps.

Start by standing up with one dumbbell held in both hands and your feet shoulder-width apart;

Lift the dumbbell over your head with your arms extended and elbows kept close to your head;

Lower your forearms behind your head;

Return to the starting position and repeat.

Note: Only the forearms should be moving, the upper arms should stay in the same position, close to the head.

Another alternative is narrow push-ups.

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