8 Proven Ways To Lose Belly Fat Quickly (with Scientific Studies)

Weight Loss

8. Count Your Calories

If you are on a low-carb diet, the chances are you are going to be on a good calorie deficit. However, calorie counting can give you a better idea of exactly how much weight you are losing weekly and how many calories you are eating in each meal. For example, counting calories will let you know if you are eating too many nuts or too much fruit.

There are several online tools that can give you an idea of how many calories are in your meals, as well as charts, graphs and other fun tools to keep count of your calorie intake. MyPlate or Fitday are a good tools for keeping track of your calorie intake.

If you really want to go high-tech, a fitness watch or tracker can help you keep track of your sleeping patterns and how much calories you are burning each day.

Don’t forget to reward yourself when you hit your weekly weight loss goal. The brain responds well to a reward system, having something to look forward to, is a great motivational tool.

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