8 Sexy Foods That Increase Her Hunger for You

Discover The Proven Aphrodisiac Foods for Women That Take Her From Dinner to Your Doorstep (And Make Her Want to Eat YOU For Dessert)…

There ARE foods that have been scientifically proven to turn women on…

The 8 foods I’m about to show you are the most effective at turning a woman on as intensely as you possibly can without touching her at all.

Let’s face it — you probably aren’t going to initiate foreplay with your date over a plate of nachos, so by choosing the appropriate foods, you can make her feel like you’re touching her in all the right places without actually doing anything.

8 Sexy Foods Guaranteed to Get Her Juices Flowing

These 8 foods are the most potent things you can feed any woman to turn her on, guaranteed:

1) Watermelon

Watermelon contains a compound called citrulline that acts as nature’s own libido-booster.

Citrulline might sound like a complicated drug, but really it’s just an amino acid that’s converted to arginine when ingested.

Now, what’s so special about arginine?

It increases blood flow.

One of the first signs of physical arousal in both men and women is an increase in blood flow, so if you notice her cheeks starting to get a little rosier, then you’ll know it’s working.

It’ll increase your blood flow too, meaning that you’ll be even “better prepared” should she come back to your place.

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