8 Sexy Foods That Increase Her Hunger for You

5) Rosemary

While I don’t advise eating rosemary all by itself to turn her on, as part of a dish it can make her libido soar off the charts.

Rosemary is incredibly fragrant, so the scent alone will increase her arousal and awareness of her surroundings (that means her awareness of YOU).

It’s also another aphrodisiac that’s been used since ancient times, proving its staying power. Ancient Romans used to ingest rosemary to increase their feelings of empowerment, and it’s also been sipped as tea for hundreds of years to calm and relax the nerves.

So not only will this magical herb relax the woman you’re with, making her feel more comfortable and open to new experiences with you…

But it will aid in her digestion! There’s nothing that kills the mood quite like a case of bad gas, so it’s important to make sure she’s in top form after your meal.

To incorporate rosemary into your date, try going to a classic restaurant that offers a rosemary chicken dish, and tell her it’s the “best you’ve ever had.”

You could also leave a few sprigs out at your place — she’ll pick up on the scent and it’ll give your place a more welcoming atmosphere.

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