8 Sexy Foods That Increase Her Hunger for You

8) Ginseng

You may already know of ginseng as an herbal supplement for all sorts of positive mental benefits.

But did you know that a group of active substances in ginseng, called ginsenosides, have been shown in some studies to help with increasing blood flow to the penis and decreasing flaccidity?

Not only that, but for her benefit, ginseng is considered an adaptogen. That means it lowers stress and the potential for injury.

My Personal Favorite Food for a Quick Bedroom Boost…

Now that you have this list of 8 foods that increase a woman’s sexual pleasure… there’s one final thing I want to share with you:

It’s this recipe that, when properly prepared, can boost your libido & help you last longer in bed.

I first heard about it from the World’s Oldest Pornstar, Dave Cummings… who apparently discovered it while he was fighting in Vietnam.

Dave’s nearly 70, but he’s still actively working as a pornstar… and on top of that, he has enough energy & sexual vigor to go to sex parties and swingers events on the side…

And he says it’s all because of this dish.

Apparently, the ingredients all help maximize blood flow… which should help both you and the woman you’re with experience MAXIMUM pleasure in bed.

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