9 Best Nutrition Foods You Should Start Eating for Healthy Body, According To A Nutritionists



Many bodybuilders can benefit from saturated fats (steak and eggs, full-fat dairy, or poultry). A study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” randomly assigned 45 men to either a high-fat/low-fiber or a low-fat/high-fiber diet. The subjects followed each diet for 10 weeks. For each group, the high-fat/low-fiber periods yielded 13 percent higher levels of total serum testosterone compared to the low-fat/high-fiber diet period.

Another study from the “International Journal of Sports Medicine” enrolled eight strength athletes and 10 active non-athletes. After comparing the subjects’ dietary analyses and blood tests, it was shown that only the strength-training athletes had significant correlations between fat intake and testosterone levels.

What does this mean? It signifies that if you train with weights—particularly heavy weights—and eat a diet higher in fat, you’ll obtain a higher increase in test levels compared to a normal “active” lifestyle and a higher fat diet. Keep saturated fats to no more than 15 percent of your total daily calories, however.

For health reasons, avoid trans fats altogether.

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