9 Healthy Late Night Snacks to Help You Lose Weight and Be Guilt-Free

It’s midnight. Your stomach is rumbling. It’s time to find something to snack on in the kitchen.

But haven’t you heard those stories about eating after 7pm? I think you turn into an evil Gremlin or some weird troll.

Everyone gets those late night cravings for something. They may not be for anything specific, but the craving is telling you that you need to have some kind of snack.

It’s okay to have these cravings, especially since everyone is guilty of having them. The problem comes with the choices people are choosing for snacks.

Most people may want to have something really sweet or salty, so it’s pretty easy to grab that bag of chips or those cookies that are sitting on the shelf.

You know these snacks aren’t the best for you, but you are also probably thinking, “I’m not going to have that much. It couldn’t hurt that bad to have a little bit right now.” That’s where most people have a problem.

For starters, it’s not a very good idea to have something so close to bedtime. Eating right before you go to bed can easily lead to you gaining more weight. This could also lead to you skipping breakfast and eating more than you should later on in the day. Don’t believe me? Here is an article that goes into a little more detail about that.

Now, this isn’t an article about why you shouldn’t eat right before bed because I’m just as guilty as the next person as wanting a late night snack every once in a while.

When you get some kind of craving and it happens to be pretty late, you might as well try to make the choice as healthy as possible. You don’t want to regret having those cookies or those chips.

Can’t think of any healthy late night snacks? Don’t worry, I got your back. I’ll give you some great ideas soon.

What Type of Foods Should I Eat and Stay Away From?

Before we get into specific snacks that you’re guaranteed to love, you should ask yourself what kind of foods are ideal before bed.

By now you know that eating right before you go to sleep isn’t the best thing to do. You are going to need to have foods that are light on the stomach and don’t have high fat content.

Try eating something that is going to be digested quickly and maybe even something that could help with fat loss.

Stay away from the sugary, caffeinated, and spicy foods. These are going to possibly keep you up longer than you were expecting and now your entire sleep schedule is thrown off. You’re getting these snacks because you feel a little emptiness in your stomach. Don’t allow this to compromise your sleep.

Another factor to consider is that this should be a snack. What I mean is that you shouldn’t end up making a full plate of food. Don’t make this a meal. You just had dinner not long before. Why would you have another meal right before going to sleep? That just doesn’t make much sense when it comes to your health.

Keep these snacks under 200 calories as well. Along with this, they should contain complex carbs and proteins. Having a combination of complex carbs and proteins will release amino acids into your body that could actually help you sleep better at night. This article will help explain what I just said in a little more detail.

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