9 Healthy Late Night Snacks to Help You Lose Weight and Be Guilt-Free

9. Pistachios

Compared to other kinds of nuts, pistachios are lower in calorie per ounce. So, right off the bat, if you are looking to try and control your weight a little more, pistachios seem like a good choice.

Pistachios also have the highest protein content, having about 6 grams per ounce.

Just to add to the greatness of pistachios, they have the lowest fat content out of nuts as well.

Don’t Let the Snack Ruin Your Progress

The keys to snacking right before bed are to keep it light, don’t make a meal out of it, get something that is high in protein, and low in fat.

You want to eat something that isn’t going to pack a lot of calories or something that will cause you to wake up in the middle of the night.

There are many other snacks that you could choose from, but the options that have been given here are great choices. You are trying to stay healthy, don’t let a late night snack ruin all the work you put in earlier in the day.

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