How to Make a Woman Happy: 15 Simple Things that Matter Most to Her


The best thing a man can learn is how to make a woman happy. Although it might seem tricky to you, it’s a lot less complicated than you think.
As much as you like to think us ladies are complicated, foreign beings, we’re really not. In fact, a lot of what makes you happy will definitely make us happy. The thing that’s difficult to get around is that understanding barrier between men and women. But once you figure that out you can easily learn how to make a woman happy.

A lot of it has to do with listening, of course. But even then, men might not be able to pick up on the subtle hints women give them. That’s completely fine if you’re willing to put in the work to figure out women truly want.

Once you know how to make a woman happy, it’s basically game over

Many women spend too much time trying to get their significant others to learn how to make them happy. If you know that right off the bat, she’ll be over the moon. That alone will make her happier than you can imagine.

Because us ladies are used to men misunderstanding us. It’s kind of annoying to teach someone day after day what they should do to win our favor. We prefer when a guy can just walk in and do the things we love without us having to tell them exactly what to do.

How to make a woman happy right from the start

Do you want to impress a woman right away and make her happy from the very first day together? Instead of waiting for her to tell you exactly what she needs, show her you already know by doing some of these things.

#1 Compliment something abstract about her. Don’t just go for the same thing she always hears. I know you want to tell your woman she’s stunning, but if she hears that all the time, it starts to lose meaning.

Plus, that’s not something she has control over. Tell her how much you love her ambition or passion. Those are things that’ll make her feel a lot happier about herself than a silly compliment she gets all the time.

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