The 10 Days Diet Plan To Lose Weight Than Ever

Day 6

On your sixth day you can have around 10 bananas and 3 glasses of milk. This diet will act as a source of energy for you. You can distribute the food as per your needs. In the breakfast you can have a banana with a glass of milk, in the lunch grab some bananas and in the evening you can again have milk. This diet will make your stomach full and curb your appetite. Also you will get all the important nutrients required by your body.

Day 7

Drink at least 12 glasses of water to flush toxins. Try to include six to seven tomatoes in your diet in the entire day. You can eat them raw. You can also make tomato soup and consume it two to three times in the day. Include vegetables in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also eat some brown rice, sprouts and cottage cheese. Try to check that you are not falling for your cravings and keep your goal in your mind.

Day 8

Try to drink a lot of water. Don’t consume tomatoes. Try a combination of different fruits and vegetables. You can also have green tea and buttermilk in between the meals. You can also eat cottage cheese and various types of soups. It is advised not to eat tomatoes during this day because you have already consumed them in ample quantity on the previous day. So try other fresh ingredients.

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