The 8 Worst Breakfast Foods on the Planet

8. Waffles, White Bread & Muffins

Waffles, white bread and muffins are very popular breakfast choices that are super tasty, but are also high in one terrible ingredient: white flour.

White flour lacks important nutrients such as filling fibre and protein. It’s also packed with gluten—a definite no-no.

You might be wondering what you can eat if all of these commonly eaten breakfast foods are bad for you. I have a good answer for that, and science has my back.

Research has indicated that an egg or protein based breakfast can burn up to 65% more calories and belly fat when compared to a carb-rich breakfast of the same calorie content.

That’s right; not only do breakfast foods not have to be fattening, they can even be a major part of your fat burning diet!

The author of the study postulated that carb rich breakfasts only provided half as much satiety as their protein rich counterparts, which made it harder for the dieters to stick to their weight loss goals.

This should convince you that most of the breakfast foods you eat every morning really aren’t good for you. Junk those harmful breakfast foods and give the good stuff a try!

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