Top 10 Best Dogs Breeds for Your Kids

What Are The Best Dog Breeds For Kids

Choosing what dog or what dog breed to bring into the family is always difficult, but it can get even trickier when there are kids involved. Most dogs can learn to get along well with kids if introduced properly, but some breeds have genetics and temperamental traits on their side, which sets them up for a successful integration in the family. Doing proper research before settling on a specific breed is always encouraged and recommended, as it is important to know what you are getting and to choose a breed that is right for you and your family.

Kids and dogs should always be supervised when playing together, to prevent accidents from happening, but if making a conscious and educated choice for what breed to get – you are a lot more likely to be getting the perfect playmate and friend for your children; one to whom they can turn when they need comfort, and who will be there to play with them in the backyard on sunny summer days. Kids that get to grow up with dogs often present fewer allergies, a better ability to show empathy and to take responsibility for someone other than themselves. A pet teaches them to love unconditionally, by exposing them to the unconditional love the dog has for them.

1. Golden Retriever

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We often see Golden Retrievers as the best friend of children in movies and on TV, and it is no coincidence that the breed is chosen to star alongside kids. The Golden Retriever is a gentle and loving soul that takes things as they come, and that truly enjoy spending time with kids. They are full of joy and happiness, patient like few other dog breeds, always up for a long walk or a game of fetch and they understand the importance of playing gently with kids. As an extra plus, the Golden Retriever is easily trained and remarkably intelligent, they have a soft mouth thanks to being bred for retrieving pray without harming it, and it is extremely rare for them to show aggression or to bite.

A well-balanced Golden Retriever gets along with everyone, loves to cuddle and will never say no to a run around the backyard or a game of fetch or tug-of-war. They also love their downtime and will happily cuddle up with their young pack members on the couch to watch a movie. It is the dog breed many children dream of having; most likely due to exposure in kid’s movies, and the good news is that they are just as great with kids as media makes them out to be! Few dogs are as unconditionally loyal and eager to please, and who can resist those big, goofy and smiling dog faces? Feed your Golden these top quality Retriever dog foods.

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