Top 10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Kids

Any dad knows that feeding kids can be a huge headache. Whether you’re squeezing in supper before soccer practice, packing lunches before sunup, or just coaxing a picky eater to put something in her mouth, it’s often much easier to give kids quick, convenient (and, yes, unhealthy foods) rather than nutritious meals. It doesn’t help that chicken fingers, Fruit Roll-Ups, and root beer are the stuff youngsters usually love. You’ll never completely ace your kids’ diets, nor do you want to deprive them of occasional treats. But there are some foods and drinks you really shouldn’t give children more than once in a great while—and a handful that should be off the table entirely. Some of these might surprise you. Here are the foods to never feed your kids.


Until your child is 2 years old, never give her honey, says Delbridge. Honey can contain a toxic bacteria that causes botulism, a potentially fatal disease. “This bacteria won’t hurt most adults, but young kids’ immune systems haven’t been built up enough to fight it off,” he explains. This bacteria can be present in any type of honey—raw, highly processed, it doesn’t matter—so avoid it altogether.

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