Top 10 Muscle-Building Foods For Your Workout Diet


3.Lean Beef

In the US we all love big cuts of red meat- but lately red meat seems to have gotten itself a bit of a reputation, with its high cholesterol and high saturated fat, scientific studies have shown convincing evidence that consuming large amounts of red meat daily can increase the risks of certain types of cancer.

Some people take that as a message to stop eating red meat completely but lean beef and other lean sources of red meat are valuable to our health and the growth of muscle mass. Apart from providing a good strong source of protein, red meat also contains a valuable source of heme Iron. There are two different types of iron that can be consumed in the diet heme iron and non-heme iron. These two types of iron have different properties whereby non-heme iron absorption in the body can be affected by nutritional factors and other food components consumed in the diet.

A 3-oz serving of lean beef can provide around 2.4mg of iron which is needed in the diet to transport of oxygen to all other parts of the body. A lack of iron in the diet can lead to iron deficiency anemia and low energy levels.

Lean red meat is also a good source of zinc and vitamin B complexes which can help build muscle mass whilst supporting our body’s immune system and energy levels!

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