Top 10 Muscle-Building Foods For Your Workout Diet


8.Whole Grains and Cereals

If there’s another thing we don’t get enough of in the US its fiber! Fiber is so important in the diet and has been shown in tons of scientific experiments to increase weight loss and reduce hunger and the risk of colon cancer. By providing a more full feeling, fiber can stop harmful snacking habits and help to increase muscle gain! Not only this, but carbohydrates found in whole grains can provide a good source of long lasting slow releasing energy – optimising your training and energy levels.

9.Healthy Fats

Fats… Healthy?… WHAT? Yep- that’s right; in order to lose fat and gain muscle sometimes you need to eat more fat! This doesn’t mean head down and raid your nearest taco bell or Mc Donald’s- but consuming small amounts of nuts, seeds, peanut butter, fatty fish and avocado can help leave you feeling full and increase your fat loss and muscle gain! Healthy fats have also been linked to a reduction in several chronic diseases including Cardio Vascular Disease.

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