Top 10 of the World’s Most Dangerous Hiking Trails

While offering incredible rewards and outstanding beauty, these hikes come with plenty of risk. Culture Trip picks some of the most menacing.

Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

Known as the ‘Dragon Mountains’ by Afrikaners and as the ‘Barrier of Spears’ in Zulu, the Drakensberg Traverse is 300km (186 miles) of trail, near Kilimanjaro. The most dangerous part of this hike is at the start, where two somewhat questionable chain ladders that lead to the ridge provide some stability on the cliff. It’s quite a drop, but if the wind picks up it takes on a whole new aspect of danger.

The Maze, Canyonlands, Utah

Incredibly difficult to get to, and ludicrously difficult to navigate once you’re there, the Maze is part of the Canyonlands National Park. The confusing gullies, dead ends and sheer remoteness ensure that this place lives up to its name. As a result, there are local rangers who make sure hikers plan well and are able to communicate.

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