Top 11 Anti-Aging Foods + How to Get Them in Your Diet



If you were prescribed medication, you should not use curcumin or turmeric without first talking to your health care provider. Turmeric may interfere with the action of blood thinners, diabetic drugs or NSAIDS.

Use of maca may be contraindicated in patients with fibroids, estrogen receptor-related cancer risk, endometriosis or prostate cancer.

Studies also suggest that chaga may interact with anticoagulant and hypoglycemic medication.

Final Thoughts on Anti-Aging Foods

The journey to looking and feeling young through anti-aging creams and surgery has been going on for years.
Many incorporate anti-aging foods into their diets as a healthier alternatives to slow the effects of aging from the inside out.

Benefits of anti-aging foods include aiding cardiovascular health, better vision, increased cognitive function, healthy gut function and skin protection.

Anti-aging foods can be found at your local supermarket or can be ordered online.

If you were prescribed medication, consult your healthcare provider before consumption as anti-aging foods can be contraindicated.

The top 11 anti-aging foods are:

Dark Chocolate
Collagen Protein
Chaga Mushrooms
Bone Broth

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