You Should Eat These Healthy Bedtime Snacks for Weight Loss

3. Milk

Calories: 85-145 per serving

Milk is another great bedtime snack you can count on. A glass of whole milk can have as little as 146 calories – a pale comparison to weight loss cereals that can have up to 200 calories. If you are more serious about your weight, you can opt for skim milk. One serving of this low-fat variety only contains 86 calories. Fresh milk provides the added benefit of complementing a regular exercising routine, if you have any. It’s high in protein and helps repair and build muscles. For everyone else, the tryptophan in protein-rich foods like milk are beneficial for sleep.

Tryptophan is more than a building block of protein. It also promotes sleep by triggering the release of serotonin and melatonin, brain chemicals that induce sleep. However, sleep experts recommend pairing milk with other bedtime snacks because it doesn’t contain enough tryptophan to make you feel sleepy.

Milk is best consumed with carbohydrates because it makes the amino acid more readily available to your brain for absorption. You can also drink it with other foods that contain tryptophan to increase your chances of falling asleep faster. It would be much better if you had warm milk because it relaxes the senses. Examples of the best bedtime snacks you can pair with milk are banana, whole grain cereals, or a slice of cheese.

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