You Should Eat These Healthy Bedtime Snacks for Weight Loss

8. Cheese

Calories: 70 per serving (Swiss cheese), 78 per serving (low-fat mozzarella), 105 per serving (non-fat cottage cheese)

Another one of our no-preparation bedtime snacks which you can use for weight loss is cheese. However, you should be careful with the cheese you eat before sleeping since many varieties are high in fat and may lead to digestion problems and a disrupted sleep. With the right cheese though, you can get good quality sleep – and more.

Cheese is a milk product and so, it is naturally loaded with tryptophan. The amino acid is every insomniac’s friend because it triggers the production of serotonin, “feel good” hormones that reduce stress levels, promote a calm mood, and encourage sleep. In a study conducted by the British Cheese Board, participants who ate cheese before going to bed reported that it helped them sleep faster.

While most cheeses are fat and therefore bad for sound sleep and weight loss, there are non-fat and low-fat varieties that don’t have as much calories and are easier to digest. Low-fat mozzarella and non-fat cottage cheese are recommended by the University of Rochester Medical Center because apart from lower calories, they have a rich flavor similar to full-fat cheeses. We also recommend Swiss cheese for the best weight loss benefits.

A good sleep isn’t the only thing cheese can give you. The salty snack food has also been linked with sweet dreams. According to the British Cheese Board, 200 participants were given cheese 30 minutes prior to bedtime. None of them reported having nightmares, which debunks the myth that cheese causes nightmares. Those who remembered their dreams said they were more pleasant than their usual dreams.

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